Thursday, July 15, 2010

NEW new blog!

Well, as you can see, I haven't updated this blog in a while - but I do have a semi-good excuse.  When I moved into my apartment, I signed up for SkyWeb, the wireless internet service that was in cahoots with my apartment building.  It was $12 per month, which is an incredible deal. 
Well, I guess it was so cheap because the internet really wasn't that good - super slow and always resetting.  I couldn't access Blogger OR hotmail - argh!  So frustrating.  I normally try not to trash talk people or things on my blogs, but I was so unhappy with SkyWeb.  I called and called their customer service and no one returned my calls - my apartment manager even called them on my behalf with no results.
SO, today I got new internet services through Charter and I hope that my experience will be better with them.
Also, I haven't really been happy with the way that Blogger handles photos...and since I upload photos all the time on my blog, I decided to switch to another blog site: Wordpress.
And so, I present to you, my NEW new blog about my adventures in America:
Check it out, add it to your favorites and leave me lots of comments!

Friday, June 18, 2010

An amazing weekend with old friends!

It's been a difficult readjustment coming home, but one of the highlights of my time back in the US was going to my friend Lita's wedding in Ohio.
Lita and I have been friends since my sophomore year in college.  I had been looking forward to going to her wedding with my other college friends, Laura, Michelle and Nate, since January when I was still in Japan.  When I finally saw my dear friends after a year and a half, I was so excited!  It was like no time had passed and we caught up right away.  
We spent Friday night at Laura's house in Spring Arbor, played some football, and took some portraits (a sort of tradition with my friends).  On Saturday, we woke up early and started the five hour drive to Ohio.  After we had checked into our hotel, we got beautified (and Nate got...handsome-fied?) and headed to the wedding.  It was a lovely ceremony and a fun reception.  I got to spend some time with my old college friends and that was amazing.
I am so thankful I was in America to experience Lita tying the knot!

 My favorite shot.

"Everywhere around the world, they're coming to America..."

Even though I've been back home for about three weeks, I'm still readjusting to life in America.  It's strange - this is my home, so you'd think there would be no readjustment needed...but after a year and a half abroad, I forgot some things about the US.

Like how big everything (and everyone) is.
Or which side of the road we drive on (don't worry - this was just a very quick second guess of myself the first time I quickly came back to me).
And just how amazing grilled hamburgers and hot dogs really are.

It's been great seeing my friends and family and catching up on what I missed while I was gone, but I really miss Japan.  More than I thought I would.  I miss my friends and students all the way across the world.  I really hope I can go back someday to visit, and that they can come over and visit me!